CIVICS 101: We The People

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Engaging Features

Explore & Learn

Basics & Glossary

18 video clips explain the basics of the U.S. government • A glossary list of key Civics terms is also included.

Constitution & Bill of Rights

The full text with explanation on each clause.

The meaning of the Bill of Rights and how those rights were extended.

A 2-minute multimedia presentation, one article, and 53 photographs.

Supreme Court Decisions

A 2-minute multimedia presentation, one article, and 53 photographs.


Explanation of the U.S. electoral system and presentation of information on disputed elections.



30-minute multimedia history of the Presidency, as well as sections on the history and various powers of the Presidency.



30-minute video on Congress, as well as explanation of the powers and organization of Congress.


A History of the Supreme Court, as well as an explanation of the organization of the different courts in the U.S.

A great way to learn

Learn about the Civil War by answering fun and challenging questions

  • Works on both iPhone andiPad.
  • Enjoy hundreds of photos, illustrations, and documents, along with dozens of multimedia presentations.
  • Search the app using its pop-up keyboard to enter any term. Mark Images or documents to save as "favorites". E-mail any photograph or document.

CIVICS 101: We The People

CIVICS 101: WE THE PEOPLE contains multimedia presentations explaining every part of the U. S. government, including in-depth presentations on the powers and history of the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. A distinctive section of multimedia presentations contains all of the basic questions covered in the National Civic Standards.

The powers of the President, the Congress and the Courts are explained in individual special sections. A detailed section is devoted the Constituition, its writing and an explanation of each of its parts. The Bill of Rights is explained in a unique section, highlighting how that bill is applied today. Landmark Supreme Court decisions are also featured, including explanations of their importance. In addition, CIVICS 101 presents a special section on the US Presidential election process. CIVICS 101 is perfect for students of all ages who wish to understand how our government works. The program even includes a quiz on civics.


Selected screens from CIVICS: 101: We The People

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