About MultiEducator One of the earliest producers of multimedia software, MultiEducator has been providing schools and the general public with rich, compelling history software for almost two decades. MultiEducator CD-ROM's combined photos, audio, primary source documents and original texts into interactive teaching tools which accomplished what no textbook can do alone. Multieducator has been operating its web site historycentral.com for almost 15 years. It is history's home on the web. Today with the introduction of new platforms such as the iPad a whole new world is opening for exploring history. The students of the future will no longer be using books to explore the world but products such as the iPad. Multieducator is committed to be at the forefront of that change. Pursuing knowledge and understanding the past... To enrich and improve the present.


 About the Company MultiEducator was founded by Amy Erani and Marc Schulman in 1994 with a single goal in mind to enable students to learn history in a completely new way. Throughout MultiEducator's years in business, the company has continuously expanded its services and product line. MultiEducator's first products was its CD Rom called American History. Version one of that product came on eight floppies without sound or one CD using 60meg. In 2007 we released two DVD that combine the many American History CD's and World History CD's on two DVD's. Today, the company has twenty-two multimedia software titles. In the summer of 2008 the company sold its historyshopping.com site to concentrate on the content part of the business. It then started its newest division devleoping software for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. In October 2008 it relaeased its first application the Formulator. As January of 201 6Multieducator had 55 iPhone/iPad Apps on sale.