Some of our Authors

Rachel Eherenfeld

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is the director of the New York-based American Center for Democracy. She is the world’s foremost authority on narco-terrorism (she coined the phrase and was the first to write about this phenomenon), and a sought-after commentator and consultant on the problems of international terrorism, political corruption, money laundering, drug trafficking and organized crime. Dr. Ehrenfeld’s articles appear in the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times, and she frequently appears as a guest on television news programs including The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, and NBC News.






Cipora Hurwitz

Born in Hrubieszow, Poland, Cipora Hurwitz (Fela Rozensztajn), endured all of the horrors of the Holocaust as a young child, and miraculously survived. She arrived, an orphan, in Palestine in 1947, and was educated in a 'Youth Aliya' group in Kibbutz Bet. Zera. After Army Service Cipora married an American-born 'chalutz', Ariel Hurwitz, and settled in his kibbutz, Gal On in the northern Negev. They had three children. Cipora studied at the Kibbutz Teachers Seminary, and for many years taught Hebrew to new immigrants in the framework of the Jewish Agency Ulpanim.Cipora passed away in 2012.




Nancy Harvelt Kobrin

Dr. Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin began her academic career after receiving a doctorate in comparative literature, with a focus on the Islamic literature of medieval Spain. A graduate analyst of the Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis and a trauma expert, she taught and supervised psychiatry residents in Minneapolis, where she had a private practice. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, she was contacted by the U.S. Army concerning her work on the link between the devalued female and the jihadi suicide attack and was invited by the military and law enforcement to lecture on radical Islam and conduct prison interviews among the Somalis in Minnesota. She is also a graduate of the Human Terrain Program, Leavenworth, Kansas, which is affiliated with the U.S. Army. In 2010, Dr. Kobrin ― a psychoanalyst, author, lecturer, Arabist, and counterterrorism expert ― emigrated from the Twin Cities to Israel, where she continues her work. She is a fellow of the American Center for Democracy.

Yitzhak Reiter

Yitzhak Reiter is a professor of Middle East, Israel and Islamic Studies. He chairs the Department of Land-of-Israel Studies at Ashkelon Academic College and is a senior researcher at both the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies and the Harry S. Truman Institute for Peace Research of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professor Reiter was a visiting scholar to Oxford University – St. Antony's College (2001), The Middle East Institute – Washington D. C. (2003), Sydney University (2003-4). In addition, he was a Schusterman Fellow teaching at the University of Minnesota during the academic year 2008-9 (Political Science and Jewish Studies).

Between 1978-1987 Reiter served as deputy advisor on Arab Affairs for three Israeli Prime Ministers (Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Shimon Peres). In 2006 he advised the Israel Council for National Security regarding the policy of integrating the Arab minority.

Marc Schulman

Marc Schulman is the founder and editor of -- the largest history web site. He is the author a series of Multimedia History apps, as well as a recent biography of President John F. Kennedy, a History of U.S. Presidential Elections, and chronology of Israel’s 2014 Gaza War. He has also written the content for smartphone/tablet guidebooks to Tel Aviv, Washington, DC and Jewish Poland. Marc was the founding President of Westchester/Fairfield Hebrew Academy (later renamed “Carmel Academy”) in Greenwich Connecticut, serving for 9 years. He holds both a BA and MA from Columbia University. Marc currently lives in Tel Aviv, with his wife and two of his three children. He has a weekly column in Newsweek, called: “Tel Aviv Diary”..